• Modern and efficient trucks

    Modern and efficient trucks

  • Track & Trace

    Track & Trace

  • Dangerous goods transport

    Dangerous goods transport

  • On time delivery and professional service

    On time delivery and professional service

  • On line trucking

    On line trucking


We offer our Partners:
- one-chamber tankers (with the range of capacity from 30.000 liters to 34.000 liters) all equipped with buffers,
- multi-chamber tankers (3 chamber) with the capacity of up to 37.500 thousand liters with buffers. Example chamber capacities: 7,500 / 22,500 / 7,500

All the tankers are isolated which prevent the temperature decrease of the product.

On top of that tankers are also equipped with WEBASTO a system that enables to heat the product during the transport.

Additionally our tankers can be steam up thanks to a separate heating pipes.

All of the above ensure that we can promise to keep the temperature which are required for different products.

All of the tankers are certified to transport hazardous cargo ADR Class 3/5.1/6.1/8/9.

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