• Modern and efficient trucks

    Modern and efficient trucks

  • Track & Trace

    Track & Trace

  • Dangerous goods transport

    Dangerous goods transport

  • On time delivery and professional service

    On time delivery and professional service

  • On line trucking

    On line trucking


The Company SPARTANK was established in 2006. The company`s name is abbreviation of two German words: SPARSAM and TANKER. “Sparsam” meaning price worthy and “Tanker” – tank trailer. Our goal is to offer high quality services for reasonable price.

SPARTANK offers variety of vehicles for transporting of liquid chemicals.

1) Tank trailer:
          - One chamber from 30.000 to 34.000 liters with buffers.
          - Multi Chambers (3 and 4 chambers) from 30.000 to 37.500 liters with buffers.

2) Chassis with tank containers::
          - Tank containers from 26.000 to 35.000 liters with buffers
          - Swap body 30.000 liters with buffers
          - Isotanks

The whole business is managed on a daily basis by an experienced team of forwards. Constant communication with drivers is ensured by the GSM and GPS advanced systems.

A modern fleet, experienced drivers who undergo systematic trainings in the scope of defensive an economic driving are the basic conditions for safe transportation of goods, which is safe for the client and for other road users. In case of theft or the effect of a road collision the goods in transport are insured, in accordance with CMR conditions in the scope of civil liability of the carrier.

We are implementing the System of Managing the Quality PN-EN ISO 9001:2000. Our professionalism backed by many years of experience in the field makes us trustworthy and reliable partner.

OCP Police for 300.000 EUR quote including particularly   audacious larceny and robbery

- Long term cooperating with the most
- Service for logistical companies
- Many years experience with hazardous material according to convention ADR
- Delivery “just in time” cooperation with global car concern
- Long term cooperation “trucking” with one of the biggest   carrier of the liquid chemistry

- whole Europe
- sporadically: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus,   Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro.

SPARTANK Sp. z o.o. company operating in trade industry always successfully expects its Clients to come back and never witnesses the return of sold products.

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